December 18, 2006

About This Site...

In 2009 I picked up and moved my entire one-man show over to Arcanalogue, my site about Tarot cards which features its own interviews and obsessions. For the time being I'm reappropriating Hermitosis as a plain old journal.

The name of this site is just an online handle I used for many years, and still currently use on MetaFilter; originally it was meant to refer to the condition of being a hermit, self-imposed isolation bordering on the fanatical. Over time I've found that to be an especially apt metaphor for the the seemingly paradoxical desires for solitude and togetherness that the internet instills in us simultaneously. In the iconography of the tarot, the Hermit card keeps to himself but still holds a lantern aloft, a signal to fellow travelers. That too, I think, is apt.

I'm a writer and scholar living in New York City. I don't keep a blog in the journal-esque sense; if you want to know more about my daily hums and drums, then you can add me on Facebook. If you would like to contact me with publicity queries, suggestions, or questions, feel free to email me.

This site has grown in leaps and bounds through 2008, and I owe many thanks to my sponsor Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for their support. Please visit their wonderful site and show them some love.

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