July 11, 2008

INTERVIEW - Kellan Lutz on The Comeback and Twilight

I normally try to avoid talking to people younger and hotter than me, but that's becoming a much larger demographic as time goes on. I admired Kellan Lutz's work in the exquisitely squeamish Lisa Kudrow series The Comeback, and was glad to hear Kellan describe it as the most incredible acting experience he'd had so far-- a sort of cynical comment on the typecasting that he struggles against as an athletic actor with boy-next-door good looks. Kellan is vying for the deepest and darkest acting roles he can find, and he's sure to find them once Twilight turns him into an international (and supernatural) heartthrob.

Here are his thoughts about horror and his list of favorite scary movies. And here is a picture of his torso. I predict you're going to be seeing a lot of it in the future.


novasgal2000 said...

It's really great to see Kellan finally getting recognition. I can't believe I have to watch the new 90210, though :[ Ah, the things I do as a fan, ha ha.

After December, I know his popularity is going to skyrocket. I'm going to miss these days, I know it, but he deserves all the attention and success.

Don't forget GENERATION KILL which debuts this Sunday on HBO!

hermitosis said...

I can't believe I have to watch the new 90210, though

I feel the same way about getting my Jessica Walter fix, post-Arrested Development...