September 2, 2008

INTERVIEW - Five Minutes With David Cronenberg

Okay, I'll just say it. Last week I got to interview David Cronenberg.

During my trip to Los Angeles I visited the exquisite set of The Fly: The Opera, listened intently as Placido Domingo and Howard Shore explained how all this came about, and waited bashfully to see if I would actually get a chance to speak with Cronenberg one-on-one. You can read the results of our five-minute conversation here in my Web Stalker column. I wish that I had extra bits to offer you here, but I'm lucky I got anything at all. Upon reviewing my recording, however, I can at least report that he didn't sound nearly as miffed that I called his movies "disgusting" as it seemed at the time.

It was a productive trip. In the coming weeks, look out for interviews with Tobin Bell, JoBeth Williams, and Bruce Campbell...

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