September 9, 2008

INTERVIEW - Poltergeist's JoBeth Williams Prefers Making Films to Remaking Them

Like most fans, I feel really strange about the news that a Poltergeist remake is in the works. After a recent screening of the original I felt particularly entranced the emotional demand of JoBeth Williams' role. She agreed to chat with me this week about MGM's announcement, but also opened up about her directorial work. And here's a choice bit about her role on the show Dexter, playing the mother of the serial killer's girlfriend:

"I loved doing this, I'm a big fan of the show -- the writing, directing, acting, all of it! And Michael C. Hall is just the nicest North Carolina guy. But you get into a scene with him and look into his eyes while the cameras are rolling, and you think, killer! It was very exciting to play this character, because she challenged his character. I kept saying to the producers, 'Please, let him kill my character, I think that would be great!' And they'd say, 'His character only kills other killers...He can't kill you unless you're a killer.' Still, it was fun to play such a great, very flawed character."

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