August 30, 2008

INTERVIEW - Sean Branney Says The Whisperer Approaches

I've been anticipating the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's new film, an adaptation of The Whisperer In Darkness, for quite some time. In this week's column at AMC I was able to speak to the film's director, Sean Branney, about the challenges of creating a truly faithful adaptation. The film is still a ways off, but in the meantime I strongly urge you curiosity seekers to add their 1920's-style silent film The Call of Cthulhu to your Netflix queue. And here are a few extra words from Branney...

On other Lovecraftian films he enjoys:

"Personally I’m a fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing. For a movie that’s not explicitly Lovecraftian, I really love it. Carpenter is a Lovecraft fan, but that movie has a lot of things in it that work really well to create the feeling that comes across in his stories."

On what he'd do with a Dreamworks-esque budget:

"I would love to shoot In the Mountains of Madness, but shoot it in a 1930’s style with a big budget, so that we could have real ships and shoot on location in the snow and ice. We could create a 1930’s epic the way DeMille or someone would have -- an analog experience and not a digital one."

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