June 24, 2008

INTERVIEW - Clive Barker Adresses Online Fans and Studio Foes of The Midnight Meat Train

If you haven't heard, Clive Barker's new film The Midnight Meat Train has been getting all kinds of kicked around by Lionsgate. After a tug of war with fans, the studio has agreed to give the movie a theatrical release-- a measly 100 theaters, nationwide, followed by a speedy DVD release.

I spoke to Barker himself (!!!) this week, who is urging not just horror fans but all movie fans to let Lionsgate know what we think about studios flushing perfectly good movies away because of personal agendas. Follow this link to my interview, where you'll find more details as well as a link to Barker's site that has contact info for those at Lionsgate who are calling the shots on MMT.

Seriously, considering how well the trailer and then the movie itself have tested with audiences, it's obvious something is fishy here. I'm very grateful that Clive himself took the time to share his feelings about this with me, it's not an experience I'll forget anytime soon!

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