July 22, 2008

INTERVIEW - Nellie McKay Movie Marathon, Sponsored by SPACE TITANIUM

I've been a true-blue Nellie McKay fan since her album Get Away From Me in 2004. Here are some illustrative videos from WAY BACK THEN.

I spoke to Nellie this week about what horrifies her, which as you might expect isn't limited to the usual popcorn fare. She had lots to say about some of these movies that I didn't have room to include, so I present it to you here. (I haven't seen a lot of these -- I think she should host a movie marathon!)

Carrie: "I watched it when I was a kid and I was so upset. I didn’t understand that it was a horror movie; I just thought it was horrible. I felt so bad for Carrie. I remember crying and crying."

Rebecca: "Joan Fontaine does that worried look like nobody!"

Midnight Lace
: "I wrote a review of a biography of Doris Day, so I forced myself to sit through all her movies. It was such a regressive period; you have to admire the actors, because they’re saying these lines seriously. This film always kind of worked for me. The thing with horror movies, it’s a masochistic experience watching them if you’re a woman, which is why I’m not into the slasher films -- and even with psychological stuff, there’s always that element... I feel a little uncomfortable with psychological thrillers because I do think they give bad people ideas. But this one is well done!"

Pandora’s Box
: "I know it’s not much of a horror movie, but I didn’t realize how it was all going to go down until the very end; I think it’s just wonderful when you go into a movie not sure what it’s all about. It has that sense of foreboding, like many other wonderful early German films."

Godzilla versus MechaGodzilla
: "I watched it over and over as a kid! MechaGodzilla is made out of 'Space Titanium,' that’s the big catch-phrase of the movie."

Paparazzi: "It’s so cheesy -- a real B movie, but it works. It’s a revenge flick, and I never get into those, but I really enjoyed this one."

Frankenstein: "Isn't this the ultimate horror -- that we basically destroy ourselves because we’re so ambitious and clever? And this was before we invented computers..."

The Green Berets: "It’s just jingoistic hell... but then, John Wayne’s never really done it for me."

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