July 28, 2008

The White Whale Takes Flight

While the New York Times frets over whether the time teen girls spend reading Harry Potter slash counts as reading, One of the Twitterati has embarked on an epic voyage toward internet literacy -- sort of. User publicdomain has begun posting the epic novel Moby Dick to Twitter, one 140-character chunk at a time (by the user's own estimation, the book is 1.2 million characters long).

It's great for a gag, but considering that the passages appear chronologically from the most recent, you'd have to have an attention-span of Gregorian monk to make it through one backwards chapter. Not to mention that the massive glut of posts shoves all Tweets from actual friends right off the page. Then again, as social apps go, Twitter's only tenuously usable to start with, so it's just one more delightful boondoggle. "Once Moby Dick is done, I want to do a less boring book. Maybe Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland." Somebody alert the Times!

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