July 22, 2007

This Message Will Self-Destruct

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Dwellers of New York, brace yourself for an imperative.


Okay. Look ahead on your calendar, brush friends and lovers aside (or better, bring them along), and buy tickets in advance to this wonderful show.

But, you say, but but but. But that's weeks away. But it's kind of a hike for me. But I don't really like theatre that much. But I'm tired on weeknights. But no one will go with me. But I'm a very busy person who people love and I barely have five minutes to myself. But I'm a whiny little bitch and hate fun. Go ahead, get it all out of your system before proceeding. I'll wait.

Here are the details, for whenever you're done. Matt Chapman and Josh Matthews are performing their "SOLO: a Two-Person Show" at the HERE Arts Center on August 8th and August 9th. Tickets are $15 and are available right here.

Okay, perhaps you need a little context, a little coaxing in order to feel good about this transaction. I've seen this show several times at various stages in its development, and from the very first occasion I felt especially moved by it. Matt and Josh are part of the physical-theatre troupe Under the Table, which they formed with other alumni of Dell'Arte International and which has thrived in NYC for five years. I've seen almost all of their shows, each more brilliant than the last-- as a jaded and failed theatricalist, the fact that I truly mean that should say it all.

SOLO is the story of two brothers enduring perils, feats of strength, and adventures beyond reality to deliver a mysterious letter, discovering along the way that one of them-- or perhaps both-- may not who the other thinks. Deceptively complex and refreshingly simple, I guarantee you will not forget it anytime soon.

The show is being performed as part of the American Living Room festival, so for your admission you will also get to see two other pieces (which I have not seen and thus will not effusively vouch for). Considering that SOLO is itself worth the price of admission, feel free to regard these other two shows as a bonus. You get to support three groups of artists for the price of one, you get to laugh until you hurt, and then you get to go home feeling like you have a life. You win!

The last trick in my bag is that I will try to attend both nights, and will surely see you there if you are able to commute all the way from Lame-Excuseville. It's been a while since we've talked, yes? Held hands, shared a cookie? One of these two nights could be our night. But get out of line and I'll slap your face. Fresh.

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