August 15, 2007

Places Worth Caring About

I have learned so much about the way public spaces should actually serve to benefit the public, mostly from working alongside organizations like Transportation Alternatives and the Friends of the High Line and so forth. But these organizations are New York City based, and who looks after the rest of the world?

This video is a wonderfully fun twenty-minute presentation by James Howard Kunstler about America's use of space in suburbia and beyond, and how the growing number of "places not worth caring about" affects and defines our national character. How can we restore them to the "physical manifestations of the common good"?

"Oh no!" you say. "Boring white guy making me feel guilty and panicky about the future of America!!" Relax, it's an amazingly encouraging and entertaining performance that you will want to pass on to as many people as possible, because this is something we all have to question-- now that all our neighborhoods look exactly the same.

Thanks to Ambrosia Voyeur for the link in this (also entertaining) thread.

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