March 24, 2008

The Weekly Recap Nobody Asked For, Part II

In my last post about bad reviews, I had no ideas what was in store for me this week. It looks like I've become the main review-reaper over at Monsterfest; each week I'll be harvesting the juiciest snark and most penetrating quotes for all theatrical and DVD releases, as well as the horror films showing on AMC. The party started today with reviews of the latest J-horror ripoff, Shutter, and will continue this afternoon with reviews of Lost Highway (available on dvd in widescreen for the first time ever!), The Mist, The Fury, Gothika, and more.

Other fun news:

A masochistic blogger reads and critiques all the Goosebumps books

A headless robot that will haunt your nightmares

My apology to John Carpenter for not believing The Thing was scary


Clifton Smith said...

I've had a copy of Lost Highway on DVD for about a year. It's in PAL format, of course, but it is out there.

Clifton Smith said...

The widescreen PAL DVD: