April 7, 2008

Weekly Recap III-- Oh Yeah, and Birthday

It's my birthday! I'm 29 and fine with that, definitely looking forward to my decline into madness and ruin. For my birthday (or maybe just because they like me) AMC gave me Mondays all to myself on Monsterfest. If you'd like to show me you care, the best thing you can possibly do is check out my stories that posted today, since the format is all new and web traffic is the lifeblood of my career (MADNESS AND RUIN!!):

Reviews for The Ruins--which I actually saw last night and found to be pleasantly mediocre. In this weekly feature, I snag the bitchiest comments from all the reviews I can get my hands on. Get yer Schadenfreude here!

A wonderful list of movie rec's from someone who studies zombies in literature for a living (Complete interview will be posted here tomorrow)

A new feature where I actually get to comment on the new DVD releases of the week (It's a pretty grim trio this time around too...)

A roundup of movie news, including the 100th birthday of Baby Jane herself.

Thanks all, for your messages and tidings.

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