August 22, 2008

MicroHorror Featured Pick -- "Good Samaritan"

Last Thursday we kicked off a new feature in which one 666-words-or-less story from MicroHorror will be showcased here every week. I actually found this week's pick by Thomas Wiloch rather touching... which is why I should never be a parent. Enjoy:

"Good Samaritan"
by Thomas Wiloch


I try so hard to be helpful. But the life of a Good Samaritan is a difficult one. Just this morning I nailed bird wings to the children’s backs so they could fly to school. But the children complained about the blood all over their clothing, and about how the nails were too long and had pierced their hearts and lungs. Not one of them used the wings to fly to school. Not one of them thanked me for trying to improve their lives.

But I’m an optimist. I always believe that “things will get better.” I believe in the power of helping others.

Tomorrow I will gather the children before me and apologize to them for the damage I caused. I will make it up to them. At no cost, I will nail satellite dishes to their heads so they can communicate telepathically among themselves.

They doubtless will have much to discuss.

Copyright: © 2008 Thomas Wiloch

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