September 11, 2008

MicroHorror Featured Pick -- "Flawed Jewel"

Congrats to MicroHorror for posting its 1000th story! This week's glistening selection by C. Morgan Clayton is from the most recent batch of entries:

"Flawed Jewel"
by C. Morgan Clayton


Dragonflies dance outside my window; their shifting silhouettes touch the frosted glass, even in the night. It is for me they wait, my treasures adorned with emeralds and amethysts and sapphires, disguised in beauty, yet deadly to the unsuspecting. Cunning in their game, as I am.

From my lair, you enticed me with promises I could not dismiss, offered light, and then tainted it with wind and clouds and rain. Your deceit begat this tormented soul–my mind twisted and tangled. The dark daggers in your eyes, my love, mirror the pain inflicted upon my heart, torn and ravaged.

Lovelorn and lost, my innocence raped, I unleashed my dark secret. The dragonflies and I are as one, alike in our assault, and I preyed on you, but unlike mine, your crimson wounds will heal. An imperfect suffering is yours, but I promise to return.

Today a man in white inquired as to why I harbor a sinister side. I smiled and asked, “Do you like dragonflies?” He did not answer, only closed the door. I thought I heard a key turn.

Copyright: © 2008 C. Morgan Clayton

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Unknown said...

Exposing the dragonfly's dark side! Nice plot and flow. I loved the ending.