October 8, 2008

Come Visit Me On Frankenstein Night!

I'm not having a Halloween party this year, and I haven't made many plans for the night itself (though the costume will be legendary), so I was thrilled when Kevin Maher invited me to present a clip at this month's Sci Fi Screening Room event on the 27th. I found just the perfect thing to share with you all, so you'd better come check it out -- I'm sure the rest of the show will rock also. You can count on plenty of weird trivia, snacks, and surprises, which no Halloween would be without.

(Yes, you're supposed to celebrate Halloween with trivia. In fact, "trick or treat" was actually truncated from the original saying, "trick or treat or trivia." That's exactly the sort of obscure knowledge that we'll be laying on you on Frankenstein Night. )

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