October 4, 2008

MicroHorror Featured Pick -- "Inside Out"

For seven weeks now I've featured highlights from MicroHorror, where authors get their point across in fewer than 666 words. A new link on the sidebar will lay them all out for you! This week's story by Melinda Selmys is one of the shortest I've reprinted, but the inverted palette she paints from made me more than a little queasy...

"Inside Out"
by Melinda Selmys


The battlefield had turned itself inside out, and now everything was spattered with green, the soldiers clutching their stomachs and trying to hold in bright, grass-colored worms that must have been intestines. Their faces were as dark as pine trees, and the sky overhead a sinister orange. The orderly lay on his back, looking up at the blindingly black sun in the face of the pumpkin sky and began to laugh, with the high-pitched assurance of a man who knows that he is dead.

Copyright: © 2008 Melinda Selmys

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Tom said...

For those of you who wind up riffling through Microhorror's other stories (and there are more than a thousand of them), if you see anything you really like, please pass it on to me in a comment or email. If I wind up using it, I'll be sure to think of an appropriate finder's fee!