December 12, 2008

Like One Of Those 3-D Pictures, Only All You Ever See Is A Horse-Head

You know how things always (always!) pop up that ruin your taste for things you already know and love? Like everyone else in New York City, I recently began noticing the Daniel Radcliffe posters plastered all over the city for Equus :

I realized with horror that the new design was the spitting image of a painting I did back in 2000:

Okay, so it's not the most original pose or anything, and while I definitely meant mine to look like its chin is pointing straight up, mostly it looks like someone very pointy-headed seen from behind. But that's not even the part that freaks me out. You have no idea how often I've been asked about the "zebra painting" I have hanging up, by people mistaking the human figure for a vaguely equine head. Seeing Radcliffe's torso truncated by a big velvety snout just confirmed all of those comments -- I literally stood there staring at it until I realized that people would think I was one of those Potter-philes scouring the young actor's body for traces of nipple-hair.

Anyhow, just want to thank a certain anonymous graphic designer (you know who you are) for reminding me that in the worlds of art, literature, and theatre, nothing is original or sacred. Hey, it could have been worse -- Shrek just opened on Broadway too:

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