July 30, 2007

Lost To Experience

I stumbled across the Victoria Regina Tarot years ago during a time when it seemed clear that all new decks were either under- or over-inspired. I was glad enough to get to see the pictures online, it didn't matter that I couldn't afford the $25 or whatever it cost to order it. I visited the page often, admiring the devotion to some classic card designs, the handsomely perverse twists on others. It was at once cozy and phantasmagorical. I looked forward to the day when it would be mine.

Sadly, by the time my financial situation improved, the deck was out of print. The remaining used decks on Amazon had already been plundered by the time I discovered this, and now when there are any decks at all to be found there, they're a lot pricier. Again, just out of reach.

While we're on the subject, Grey Gardens closed this weekend. I was so curious to see the final result of what happens when one takes this:

...and turns it into this:

Unfortunately a couple of really expensive months (as well as an overly optimistic idea of how long such a wildly successful, award-winning show would continue running) kept me out despite my best efforts, all the way down to the closing performance on Sunday.

None of this has anything to do with the importance of money or the presence of hard luck. There are just too many things to want in the world, and too many wanters. The wanting of a thing is what makes it beautiful, and I can dine on that in the absence of a square meal.

Oh, and speaking of want, the first three people to comment get a three card reading on the subject of their choice. Ready, go!


Anonymous said...

I know I just had one but I'm always up for another. General reading please :-)

Unknown said...

I'm already getting a reading, so I claim this one for Vida James, who is fabulous and deserves it.

Unknown said...

yeah for 3rd! Phone readings aren't as fun, though =)