August 9, 2007

Horror On a Small Scale

A few weeks ago I received a questionnaire from my high school reunion committee and found myself at a loss when I tried to answer the questions. Does anyone ever even read these things? Should I give the socially acceptable version of the truth, or boggle them with unexpected honesty? I hadn't even decided for sure yet whether I'll attend. While I did finally complete the questionnaire and send it back, it wasn't until I came across MicroHorror that I found an outlet for my misgivings on the matter.

MicroHorror is a site that collects short horror stories, "each no longer than 666 words". It's a real challenge to create something genuinely creepy in such a short span, but some of these stories are really masterful-- and if a particular story doesn't really do it for you, well hey! At least it was short.

Check out my (short!) contribution, inspired by the reunion questionnaire, and while you're at it, consider submitting one of your own!

I have profound regrets that I didn't think of this sooner, because I would have happily skipped all the pesky questions and sent them this story instead. Hey, they want to know what I'm up to lately, right?

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