October 16, 2008

Two Teeny Tiny Halloween Contests

If you're looking for scary fun, don't just sit on your hands and wait for Halloween. Here are two contests that are raging all month which you can participate in with minimal fuss and muss:

1. Our oft-featured neighbor three crypts down, MicroHorror, is in the middle of its annual story contest. This year's prize is to have your story illustrated by renowned artist Sarah Clarke, whose stellar fan art led to a Borders Books commission to create promotional art for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Here are the rules -- the 666 word limit makes this a project that virtually anyone can try their hand at. Go write a freaking story already!

2. In case you haven't gotten my previous messages, updates, posts, or singing telegrams, AMC's Greatest Fear Video Contest is already underway as well. Make a video (under one minute long) on the theme of your greatest fear. Upload that shit. Win $4,000 plus an airing of your film on AMC. Did I mention that the final judge is Rob Zombie? If you know someone with a video camera, then you and your friends have literally no excuse to be bored this month.

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